Quantum Marine Solutions is the authorised distributor for Jotun Marine Coatings in Singapore. Jotun Marine Coatings is the world’s leading provider of marine coatings to shipowners and managers active in the newbuilding and dry-dock / maintenance markets. We provide flexibility, speed and agility to the supply of Jotun Marine Coatings.


Jotun is the leading provider of coating solutions to the global marine fleet. Jotun’s  Hull Performance Solutions is unique – with a new and transparent way of measuring hull performance along with a guaranteed maximum speed loss. Our antifouling solutions are regarded as the best in the market – which along with our Onboard Maintenance Solution offer significant cost saving for the shipping industry

 Marine Coatings Products

1. New Builds
  • Sea Quantum;  A leading antifouling coatings, the state-of-the-art chemically hydrolysing antifouling coatings provide excellent fouling protection and incomparable hull performance up to 90 months
  • Jotacode Universal N 10; A leading anti-corrosion coating where fast dry-to-handle is required. It can be used as primer, mid coat, finish or as single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments
2. Dry Docking
3. Sea Stock
  • Smart Pack System – Jotamastic Smart Pack and Hardtop Smart Pack – is specially designed for brush and roller application and can reduce paint consumption with up to 50% with 1:1 mixing , for ease of use

Reference; Onboard Maintenance Paint GuideOnboard maintenance Quick Guide


4. Hull Performance Solutions 
  • Hull Performance Solutions from Jotun can be expected to deliver a 15% propulsion efficiency gain and a 8.5% fuel cost and GHG emission saving as compared to a market average alternative. The pay-back period is usually less than 1 year.
5. Tank Coating Solutions
  • Tankguard DW, Tankguard HB Classic, Tankguard Plus. Tankguard SF, Tankguard Special Ultra, Tankguard Zinc
  • The Tankguard range consists of zinc silicate, epoxy and epoxy novolac coatings for both transport and storage of a wide variety of chemicals

Reference; Product Resistance List; a guide for the different type of cargos with tankguard